Riding the Threads (opening act, DEMO)

by Mark Tuson

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This is only a demonstration of a work-in-progress; it will only be available for a limited time, and is here to generate a little interest and feedback. Please give me honest feedback, either via Twitter or directly to my email, and remember that what you hear here may very well sound nothing like the finished work.

The work, which I'm tentatively titling 'Riding the Threads,' is a concept piece about how different 'threads' contribute to the 'weave' of who we are, using my own early life as an example - and how, ultimately, the best we can do is 'ride on the tracks' that the train of life leads us along. Otherwise... is there any point?


released August 1, 2014

This is my own work, with the exception of sound effects which were sourced from www.freesound.org and used under license.



all rights reserved


Mark Tuson Blackpool, UK

Qualified as a computer programmer and analyst, I thought I'd give a little songwriting a go, and what some close friends have said about my work so far has been very encouraging, so here we go...

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Track Name: Loose Threads
Come on in and take a seat
The train's about to leave
All aboard, it's time to go
And re-examine this weave
So sit with me and take a thread
Let us see where it will lead

If you sit a while and watch me weave
While we're riding this line
Take a close look at the threads
Take one in your hand
See how the whole depends on it
Don't let go grip it all the way through

The threads are loose so have a care
I don't want to
Fall to pieces in your hands,
Just you look and see
The threads I'm made from are loose and worn
I may have to weave it all again...
Track Name: A Day in the Strife (prologue)
Did you know what was going on
Just a few doors away?
Could you hear the children crying
At their father's hand?
Isn't it hateful when a person goes wrong?
Such a shame when it should have gone so well...

Let's go out for a walk
You and me and the dog
A few minutes here and there
Away from the torture and strife
Can you feel something happening here?
Can you feel the change in atmosphere?

Husband and wife they parted ways
Knowing what they may be in for
But you stepped in and saved her
Used your own thread to hold her together
But then without either of you knowing
Your thread joined with hers

One morning you came in
And told me the weave had begun
This line we'll ride together
When this shit is all done
Our lives are going to be different
With our child we'll find a way...
Track Name: Lullaby for an Insomniac
Try not to sleep my darling
For we must stay alert
Just in case he comes in
Us to hurt

Hush, you know I love you
Dear son of mine
But we must be ready
If we both run we'll be fine

At least you kow Mummy loves you
Like her parents didn't love her
I promise I won't abandon you
I will always care

But try not to sleep my darling
We may well need to run
You'll always be safe by my side
My dear little son

All my other children
They are gone
The other side
Seem to have won

They have gone
To a worse place now
You may see them
But never know them

Mummy loves you baby
She'll keep you safe from harm
And Daddy loves you too, my boy
When we're married, he'll come home
Track Name: A Day in the Strife (age 5)
Those threads they wove in him
And tied up that day
The only threads that were there
Forget the ones that are missing
Can you hear the sound of siblings weeping?
Can you fear what you never will feel?

Those first years of his life
He lived out alone
He was such a happy child...

And then to school he went
The first time round his peers
Never knowing how to act
Or what to say
Can you hear the child asking questions?
Can you see his desperation to know?

Learning as he went
That wanting to know is different
Adulated by his teachers
And scorned by his peers
Did you hear a lonely boy weeping?
As he lived day by day in this strife?